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If you are a luxury home buyer looking for house and land packages in Clyde North, you’ll have considered the various elements of grandeur that you want to incorporate into your future home. Maybe you're a first-time buyer or purchasing an additional property, whatever the case may be, your budget is set and your dream home is almost within your reach. Now it’s time to think about how it will exude opulence and prestige.

Although it can be said that the term ‘luxury’ is in the eye of the beholder, there are certain things that come to mind when we hear the word ‘luxurious’. From dressing rooms and home offices to the latest smart-home technology, we explore some of the best ways you can add a touch of excellence to your house.

Indoor/outdoor living

COVID lockdowns have caused homeowners to have a renewed focus on what takes priority in the home, and an indoor/outdoor setting is a must-have. With house and land packages in Clyde North benefiting from warm, Victorian summer temperatures, it’s understandable that home buyers are seeking the perfect al-fresco setting for their property.

Think beyond your average patio and fire pit, and imagine immersing in the comfort of an outdoor kitchen and cooking area. With a fully stocked fridge and built-in grill, homeowners can kick back and entertain in style, enjoying typical indoor comforts while watching the sunset.

What better way to complement a state-of-the-art outdoor dining experience than with a large external pool and hot tub? These amenities are still some of the most sought after elements for the ultimate lavish home. Pools with various water features and significant privacy also fare well among those seeking luxury and prestige.

Luxury storage

Those in a position to purchase a house and land package in Clyde North may likely already have expensive clothing and accessories to bring to the home. And what’s a prestigious home without its own dressing room? A step above your typical walk-in-wardrobe, homeowners are now seeking their own bespoke dressing room as an extension to their master bedroom. Tailored shelving, archways, racks and mirrors are just some of the features of a luxury dressing room where homeowners can showcase their finery.

A dressing room’s interior colour scheme is just as important as the shelving and storage features. Warm neutral tones are making a comeback in luxury design, with colours such as pale greys and oatmeal being favoured over cooler shades such as black, white and dark grey.

Five-star spa bathroom

Another extension of the master bedroom is, of course, the bathroom. Luxury property owners are longing to feature that ‘five-star hotel’ excellence in their homes. Prestigious homeowners have likely travelled extensively and visited some of the world’s most elite spa retreats. Inserting a piece of this indulgence into their home is paramount.

A spa bathtub either built into the floor or positioned freestanding as its own piece of furniture, is just one of the main features desirable for a bathroom of royalty. Think large walk-in showers with multiple jets, heated towel racks and flooring for the ultimate relaxation experience in the comfort of your own home.

A home office with heart

Home offices have been sought after for some time now but with the emergence of COVID-19 causing several businesses to pivot to remote working, at-home offices have surged in popularity. Homeowners have been going one step further than just your basic office chair and desk, think archways, bay window seats and vibrant colour tones to really make for a sophisticated office setting. Having a comfortable office chair, a desk situated near lots of light and sometimes even a fireplace can turn an ordinarily mundane space into a place of prestige.

Smart technology

Having the latest technology and smart home features not only exudes luxury and modernity but also provides an opportunity to save on long-term costs and have a more environmentally friendly house. Features such as motion sensor lighting, smart appliances, and thermostats that can adjust themselves specifically to the home’s preference, aren’t just trendy features, but help avoid wasting power on lights being left on, or rooms being incorrectly or accidentally heated.

Having curtains that open and close at every sunrise and sunset is also a clever way to ensure natural daylight comes into the home, again saving homeowners some costs in the long term.

Having a high-end security system linked to an app on the homeowner’s phone means they can leave the house at ease, knowing they can check the app at any time in case of an emergency. More on this below.

Top of the line security

Having expensive items stored in a beautiful dressing room and top-of-the-range items in the home can be cause for unwanted attention. Affluent areas where many luxury homes are situated can entice potential burglars into trying to break into a prestigious property. Most homeowners will invest in the best security system on the market to protect their house and its contents.

These networks are more sophisticated than just your simple house alarm. Aside from having your cameras linked to an app on your phone, you can also have 24/7 monitored systems where a security team is instantly notified of any suspicious activity or disturbance in the home. Having a specialist team to assess any potential intrusion reduces the risk of false alarms and allows for the relevant authorities to be notified immediately if it is ever something serious.

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