What might a house and land package do for your lifestyle?


Getting on the property ladder is both an exciting and overwhelming milestone. With so many types of homes to choose from, it can be hard to decide what the right option is for you. Choosing a home can be dependent on a number of factors such as proximity to schools or parks, your budget, creative freedom and more.

With land release in Clyde North and other parts of Victoria being highly sought after, we take a look at what a house and land package might do for your lifestyle. 


Often developers will ensure that house and land packages are situated in favourable locations close to an array of amenities. In order to meet the needs of potential residents from all age groups and family dynamics, land release can often become available near beautiful parks, shopping precincts, schools, playgrounds and more. 

All these amenities can help create a true sense of community while still being close to the city. Whether you are a single person buying property or you are purchasing a family home with small children, house and land packages’ proximity to amenities can provide increased socialisation for all inhabitants. 

A connection with nature 

House and land packages are frequently located near lush greenery, creeks and parks. With land release in Clyde North being just a short drive to the coast, residents have the opportunity to visit nature reserves and enjoy coastal walks. With the area being so close to water, you can indulge in an array of water sports such as kayaking, swimming, fishing and surfing. These activities and connections with nature can greatly enhance your mental health, while also increasing your chances of meeting new people. 

Creative freedom 

Buying a house and land package, in particular, a package where the house hasn’t been built yet means you can completely start from scratch. Having the ability to build your home from the beginning is an exciting opportunity. From the roof tiles to flooring, you have full creative freedom to choose what you prefer and bring your dream home to life. Aside from the build itself, having the option to place your own interior design stamp on the inside of your home is equally beneficial. Home decor and DIY can be very therapeutic past-times and can greatly enhance your lifestyle. A house and land package offers a blank canvas for you to express yourself. 

Extra disposable income 

Depending on your circumstances and the type of home you’re looking for, house and land packages can often be the best value for money. A good example of this is the potential savings on stamp duty. When you buy an existing home, you are liable for stamp duty, which is calculated as a percentage of the home’s value. However, when you purchase a house and land package that you intend to build on, you only pay stamp duty on the land itself. This can be a significant saving, leaving you with more disposable income to spend enjoying your new locale’s amenities or to go towards decorating your brand new home. 

Contemporary houses typically come with the latest, energy-efficient appliances, which means only one thing - cheaper bills. The potential risk of old appliances breaking and requiring repair is greatly reduced, saving you money in the long run. 

Confidence and peace of mind 

When you purchase a house and land package, you can take comfort in knowing your home is in a popular, safe location that should have good market value if you ever wish to sell it. In the event that you need to rent your property at any stage, potential tenants will be attracted to a modern home that’s near a variety of amenities and the coastline, while still being in close proximity to the city. Spending a large sum of money on a big purchase like a house can bring with it significant pressure. Having confidence and peace of mind in knowing you’ve made a healthy financial decision can alleviate this stress, which in turn can do wonders for your lifestyle. 

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